We want you to love your new BITCO rod!

Congrats and thank you for gearing up with a new BITCO rod! We thoroughly test and inspect each one of our handbuilt rods before they exit our shop, but we recognize manufacturers defects and shipping accidents can occur. Therefore, all BITCO rods are protected by limited warranty policies as outlined below. There's also no denying that accidental breakage can happen anytime with any rod, anywhere, so we offer a program for a reduced cost replacement within 3 years of purchase.

  • BITCO Ice Rods

    Protected by 1-year Limited Warranty Policy for any manufacturers defects.

  • BITCO Open Water Rods

    Protected by 3-year Limited Warranty Policy for any manufacturers defects.

  • Accidental Breakage Program

    For rods damaged due to accidental damage and misuse, you can purchase a replacement at a reduced cost within 3 years of the original purchase date.

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BITCO Rod Warranty Policy

All BITCO rods are covered by limited manufacturers warranties.

  • Each rod must be registered within 30 days of purchase for eligible warranty claim submission
  • Registration is only valid with proof of purchase (receipt)
  • Owners must make all warranty claims with BITCO directly using the Warranty Claim Form below
  • Our Warranty Policies cover ONLY manufacturers defects or shipping incidents, accidental breakage or damages due to misuse will only be covered for an additional fee for up to 3 years with our Accidental Breakage Program.
  • Shipping and handling charges apply. Our standard cost is $20.00 for an open water rod and $12.00 for an ice rod.

Rod Replacement Process

Please submit the form below to begin your warranty claim. After reviewing, a customer service representative will email with a decision and notify you whether a fee is to be applied. A shipping & handling charge will be applied to returning items and can vary depending on your location. Our standard cost is $20.00 for an open water rod and $12.00 for an ice rod.

Warranty Claim Form

Customer Service

Have questions or need to contact us for further details? Please check out our contact form for an email response or feel free to give us a ring during business hours.